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Genre #AusQueerYA titles

LoveOzYA committee member, Stacey Malacari, shares their favourite #LoveOzYA genre rich queer YA titles.

The LoveOzYA committee are a group of people who promote fantastic Australian YA and the events taking place across our country. We asked them to step away from their amazing website for a second to share their favourite YA titles.

These are all important because they allow Queer identities to simply exist within texts, not be the main point of conflict/discussion as happens in many contemporary Queer YA’s. There are also very few of them, so we encourage people to read and write more genre fiction with Queer characters!

The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich

Clariel by Garth Nix

(Not implicitly stated in the text, but various readings have suggested that main character Clariel is asexual.)

Ida by Alison Evans

Welcome to Orphancorp and Psynode by Marlee Jane Ward

Eleanor Beresford’s Pegasi and PrefectsElves and Escapades and Fairies and Felicitations

Replica by Jack Heath

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aahanadudani DAB member

Welcome to orphancorp is soo good .. albeit harrowing

26th Sep, 19